The Michigan Small Aircraft Transportation System (MI SATS) is a government-industry joint venture designed to develop, evaluate and transfer select commercial and automotive technology to General Aviation applications. MI SATS is a nonprofit company with specific technical and market data objectives:


  • To assist participating companies to be first-lo-market with new products for General Aviation.

  • To generate public interest for General Aviation air travel


  • To develop technology for safe, deficiently and economical General Aviation air travel.

  • To demonstrate that automotive technology can be successfully transferred to General Aviation.

  • To demonstrate that non-pilots can safely operate a SATS aircraft in nearly all operating conditions with a confidence similar to operating an automobile.


  • To demonstrate that SATS airport infrastructure is an affordable option for national transportation system investments.

  • To develop and evaluate intermodal transportation business models.

  • To assist a national transition to an improved air transportation system.

Public Advocacy

  • To build public advocacy for the adoption of SATS.