MI SATS, with the investments of expertise, products, and services from its members will deliver:

  • Select automotive commercial off the shelf (COTS) technologies for demonstration.

  • A demonstrable GA version of the Air Force’s JEMPERS technology thru Microsoft’s emerging server technology for telematics and internet connectivity during flight.

  • Advanced auto manufacturing techniques that offer lower part costs.

  • Fuselage and turbo - fan rotor advanced manufacturing technology demonstrators.

  • Identification of FAA Certification issues for new manufacturing techniques.

  • Research on accelerated and economical flight training models and evaluation of human factors issues related to new technology GA aircraft.

  • Development of a SATS intermodal transportation model.

  • Analysis of the commercial and public policy impact of SATS on the State of Michigan.

  • Economical production system and supply chain models based on automotive principles as applied to General Aviation.

These deliverables will enable:

  • Competitive market forces to take over and commercialize the technologies and services created in this program.

  • Michigan SATS member companies to be positioned for leadership in a revitalized and commercially viable General Aviation industry.